Intrinsic Resistance Training (IRT)

Intrinsic Resistance Training (IRT) is about getting you the most efficient and effective workout inside the gym or at home, so you can get outside and live your life. Based on the idea that a workout is a means to the end of improving and maintaining an ideal state of health and fitness, IRT has dispensed with the frivolous and distilled the essential principles into a coherent formula for success.

Patrick Spring, the founder of IRT has practiced fitness himself for over thirty four years and been a personal trainer for seventeen years. His personal fitness journey helped inform how he views fitness and made it essential that he understand the bigger picture when it came to resistance training. His goal is to help inform others to practice technique that is helpful, rather than harmful to their overall health and fitness.

In his time as a personal trainer, Patrick has successfully taught clients and other trainers around the world the art and science of proper resistance training. There is no fixation with one style of fitness. Instead the focus is on the equipment/modality which best caters to the needs of the human body in each situation/major movement pattern. You’ll understand what is meant by Core Posture and how it not only represents true “core work,” but is at the center of every major exercise you perform. You’ll be provided with a basic fitness logic to assess and practice what works best. You’ll never have to depend on the latest fitness fad or video to get results. The major movements, squatting, pulling and pushing that give you the most return for your time and effort will be the foundation of your training program.

Hard work is great, but hard work is only part of the equation. Direction and focus are needed to make that hard work come to fruition. If you have the focus, IRT will provide you with the direction to achieve lasting results.

Recognizing the basic squat, pull and push patterns

Recognize the major squat, pull and push patterns. It’s important to understand the global movement patterns where you get the most return forĀ your time and effort.

Understand variations / progressions to alter the exercise

Understand variations / progression to alter the exercise.

There are some simple and efficient ways to vary and progress exercises without losing focus on the major movement patterns. The goal is to become familiar with them all and recognize when and where it’s appropriate to alter exercises.