Intrinsic Resistance Training

Intrinsic Resistance Training (IRT) has taken the basics that have worked for years, refined them and infused them with the latest cutting edge research to ensure you are provided with the best information available.

There are no fads, no fitness tricks, no get-fit-quick schemes. Instead you get what works best long-term. With IRT you will come to truly own your results and rely on basic principles to inform how you workout for the rest of your life.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

Patrick Spring is a top level Muscle Activation Techniques Rx Practitioner. He has been a personal trainer for over two decades and practiced Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) for over half a decade.

MAT is the perfect adjunct to any form of exercise, therapy or lifestyle and it became clear to Patrick in his many years as a fitness professional around the world that it was key to helping individuals achieve overall better results, no matter their fitness level.

As the author of Health & Fitness Perspective, he can definitively state that MAT is an approach that allows you to understand what is happening with the neuromuscular system and how to address potential imbalances you find. It is a very specific modality that allows everyone from individuals with extreme weakness and imbalances to the highest level of athletes to improve their health and fitness.

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If you’re ready to take ownership of your health and fitness, then IRT is here to help you.

Navigating your way through the copious amount of fitness content online though sometimes entertaining, can also be confusing and overwhelming for individuals who want the most efficient path to their personal health and fitness goals.

The goal of IRT is not just to give you a cookie cutter program, but instead provide you with broader perspective to judge for yourself what exercises will work best for you and why based off of sound principles you will come to understand. This knowledge will help propel you to the next fitness level and provide you the means to take ownership of your fitness journey.

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About The programme

Whether you work out at the gym or at home, the basic principles of the Intrinsic Resistance Training programme will inform your exercise choices.

You’ll understand the major similarities and slight differences between the gym and home workouts, and be able to make quick adjustments to your routine no matter where you work out.

Our unique, effective Personal Training services are available in-person, in the comfort of your own home in Folkestone, London, or online.

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