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Muscle activation techniques rx

The basics of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) are founded In identifying range of motion imbalances and the subsequent muscle weaknesses and addressing them with a series of muscle tests and palpitations at the origin and insertion of the corresponding muscles.

Although MAT is often associated with helping reduce pain, this is only a byproduct of the reduction in overall inflammation that occurs when muscle weakness and imbalances are resolved. MAT is founded on the Roskopf principle that states that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness. Therefore, whether you’re in pain, have muscle tightness or certain exercises don’t feel as good as they used to, there is a very good chance that MAT will be the modality that helps you resolve those issues and take your health and fitness to the next level.

MATRx is the highest level of MAT and can be thought of as a nervous system reset/ overhaul and allows individuals to improve tolerance levels to whatever is stressing your body out and breaking it down. It allows you to find the weakest links and ultimately eliminate them with the Rx process.

Discounts are available as part of a treatment package – please enquire for more information.

Personal Training

Personal Traning is truly a one-on-one experience and provides the individual an opportunity to focus on their goals while learning from top award winning trainer, Patrick Spring, without the distractions of a crowded gym. The basics can be built upon and more complex exercises can be refined. Sessions can be recurring weekly, monthly or as needed.

Please contact for training package pricing and availability.

Online Fitness Training & Consultancy

Virtual sessions are a great option to learn how to workout in the comfort of your own home or home gym. You can learn the basics or take your existing routine to the next level.

The book and website provide a great foundation, but I often find a few specific questions and individual feedback can really personalize the workout and resonate for clients. Building a home gym? We can even consult and advise on the most effective (and cost-effective!) equipment to use.

Workouts can be recurring or monthly check-ins or whatever works best for you. Contact for pricing in local currency.

Home & Commercial Gym consultancy/set-up

Years of using the finest equipment in the industry and working out of state of the art fitness centres around the world – including our own elite IRT fitness studios – has given us a unique skill set in optimizing everything from a large commercial gym to your home gym. Sometimes just one piece of equipment can make all the difference to getting the best workout.

For a larger gym, it may be getting a very specific piece of equipment that helps set you apart from the competitors. For a small home gym, it might be getting a more versatile space saving piece of equipment of the right quality to complete your workout needs.

Whatever your consulting needs, contact us to get more advice and information on scope of practice and fees.


Nutrition is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle and it’s even more important when you’re working out and demanding more from your body.

With Precision Nutrition certification and expertise, Patrick will help recommend strategies and guidelines that work for you personally for the long term.

Customisable Packages

Patrick can work with you to tailor a holistic fitness package, encompassing some or all of the above services – Please contact for more information and to discuss your requirements.